About us

Welcome to Studios of tapestries, Ltd. (Ateliéry tapisérií s. r. o.)

Since its foundation in 1910 we have been focusing on the original hand textile processing. The dominant feature is weaving delicate tapestries by any artistic design and carpets. In 1925 we won the Main prize and the Gold medal for the cycle "Crafts" at the international exhibition of decorative and industrial arts in Paris.

An important and integral part of our work is restoration of historic textiles (tapestries, carpets, embroideries atc.) by means of various methods and techniques, which prolong their lifetime period.

Moreover, we offer manual cleaning of all types of historical textiles - tapestries, carpets, wallpaper, etc.

Our customers are not only from the Czech Republic but also from USA (Hollywood), Canada, Tasmania and other countries.

Visit our live workshops where you can see the weavers and restorers right at work or our "House of tapestries" where our successes are reminded in expositions of history and present.

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