Our dominant is hand-woven tapestries and carpets, which are made to order. In a perfect artisanal way we make quality art works that create a unique environment where they are installed.

Our weaving techniques:

  1. Hand-weaving of tapestries by medieval technique of weft rep on horizontal or vertical tapestry looms. Our specialty is called “melírování”, i. e. hand-weaving using colored weft material composed of more thin colored threads by means of which we achieve very subtle and smooth color transitions in areas of color shades of a tapestry. We are able to convincingly weave tapestries even on the basis of art designs created by e. g. pastel technique. This method of weaving has no equivalent in the world and cannot be replaced by a mechanical work. Every piece is unique.
  2. Hand-weaving of smooth kilim carpets by rep technique based on various art designs. These carpets are woven on horizontal or vertical tapestry looms.
  3. Hand-binding of carpets of simpler designs on vertical hand-looms without mechanical thrust.
imgp9649 kocka tkani