• Tapestry “St. GEORGE” (Struggle with dragon), 1911, 215×140 cm, designer Zdeněk Kratochvíl. First tapestry woven in our workschop.
  • Cycle of eight tapestries called “THE HANDICRAFTS”, 1924 – 1925, designer Prof. František Kysela. Tapestry was woven for The International Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Industry in Paris in 1925 – winning of Gold Medal and Grand Prix at this exhibition.
  • Tapestry “THE CZECHOSLOVAK FLAX”, 1939, 330×600 cm, designer Karel Putz. Designed for The Worl Exhibition in New York
  • Tapestry “TAPESTRY OF CAROLINUM”, 1948, 520×760 cm, designer Vladimír Sychra. Designed for newly revised assembly of the Charles University in Prague (by architect Frager), Czech Republic
  • Tapestry “MAPLE LEAVES AND LIME TREE”, 1966, 300×150 cm, designer Juraj Krén. Woven for EXPO 67 Montreal, a gift from Czechoslovak government to the Canadian government.
  • Tapestry “PRAGA CAPUT REGNI”, 1978, 180×300 cm, designer Josef Müller, state gift to the new UNESCO building in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Six tapestries woven according to collages of Endre Nemes for Först Sparbanken, Stockholm, Sweden, for Volvo in Göteborg, Sweden and for Museum of Modern art in Bochum, Germany, 1981 – 85
  • 15 monumental figurative tapestries woven in the years 1990 – 2005 according to designs from Czech painter Jaroslava Pešicová, for customers in Belgium, USA and Australia
  • Two tapestries “VENUS AND TUMELISA”, 250×350 cm, woven by design of Swedish artist Carl Larson in years 1998 – 2002 for Galleri Aveny, Göteborg, Sweden, design from 1904
  • Replicas of eight tapestries “THE HANDICRAFTS” woven in 1999 – 2003 for American film producer Joel Silver, Burbank, California, USA
  • Great amount of tapestries woven by designs of Josef Müller for Mr. Hurschler, Pasadena, California, USA, tapestries woven in 1970 – 80, e. g. tapestry “JULY”, 190×330 cm
  • More than 17 tapestries woven in 2002 – present for author of the designs Mr. Tom Samek, Tasmania, Australia


  • Since 1960 has been restored a great number of large-scale historical tapestries, embroideries and upholstery fabrics for historical furniture for Czech state collections and for Czech private customers.
  • Restoration of large-scale historical tapestry from the assets of the U. S. Embassy in Vienna, Austria – 2nd half of 1990s.
  • Restoration of a collection of eight historic tapestries called „The Old Indies  for Archbishopric palace in Prague
  • Restoration of greater amount of historical tapestries, carpets and embroider and tapestry type textiles from historical sitting furniture from assets of the U. S. Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic, 1995 – 2006
  • Restoration of greater amount of historical hand knitted oriental carpets and kilim carpets from Czech state collections, collections of the Charles University in Prague, the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic in Prague, from private Czech and Austrian collections etc. (since 1990 until now)
  • Restoration of great amount of historical monumental tapestries, embroider and tapestry type of historical upholsteries from sitting furniture etc. for the company FRIEDRICH OTTO SCHMIDT
  • „Caesar překračuje Rubikon“, tapestry from the cycle „Činy Julia Caesar“ from the collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, 370 × 340 cm, wool, silk, circa 1680, Brussels, workshop LeClerc, restored 2015-16
  • „Zajatý Jugurta“, historical tapestry from the collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, 253 × 200 cm, wool, silk, around 1620, Brussels, restored 2016